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Hey guys! I have an extra download code for Hesitant Alien, and I don’t need it because I already got it on iTunes. So I will be giving it away, reblog this post and I will choose a random winner on October 3rd!! I know a lot of you might be tight on money, and I don’t want you to illegally download his album. <3 <3 (anyone can enter, it would be nice if you were following me. its a digital code and should work anywhere in the world.)

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Staten Island Ferry Commuters by Gordon Parks, 1946 (via)


Staten Island Ferry Commuters by Gordon Parks, 1946 (via)





The rot just looks at the pit like “you gunna say me right?”
And then looks so happy that the pit did.

This describes me and my best friend.

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I need to find someone who can speak french or who is french. I feel like I’m losing it.


Performance at iHeartRadio Music Festival
20 September 2014
Credit: Brian Friedman


if you’re thinking something nice about someone you should always say it


Chris Ramsey calling out Katie Hopkins for her views on fat people.

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